The Corner

Writing has been a big part of my life since I was a little kid. My first story was a fan fiction probably no more than 200 words long where Duke Nukem is rescued from prison by his new best friend and ally Raven. It was silly and it took me forever to type… And I loved it.

And as I look through old hard drives I can see the better part of a hundred .doc and .rtf files. They’re worlds. They’re a hundred tiny worlds that at one point or another I sat down and created, but never showed anyone. That’s the other thing I did — or didn’t do as it were — I wrote these stories and I never let anyone read them.

But I’m changing that.

So here we are. This part of our strange experiment on the internet is going to be dedicated to written works. Prose that are going to see the light of day. Maybe they’ll inspire. Maybe you will feel something akin to disgust. Maybe you’ll want to praise me? Shame me? I dunno, but I’m making the decision to put it out there. You can read my stuff.

And that’s scary and fascinating at the same time.

Just as it should be.

So go ahead, drop down that menu and take a taste, see if something excites you.

— OSTBear.