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j_elationj_elation I realize now as I begin to write this, that while my dream for the Sunday Edition is about to come true and I’m writing on a topic somebody has requested, I never actually told anyone that’s something I wanted. And it is. My hope for the Sunday Edition is more than just me engaging in some verbal diarrhea while an emulated version of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius plays on one of my other monitors. It’s writing about things people want more information on while an emulated version of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius plays on one of my other monitors. So without further ado, the request:

My brother and I got into a discussion about Donald Trump. Whereas we both agree Trump’s an idiot but we had two different views. His view is anyone who supports Trump is stupid and we should not have anything to do with them. Whereas, my point of view is yes Trumps an idiot but if you support him I don’t think it’s fair [to] just not have nothing to do with someone because they disagree on politics.

– Anonymous by request

I’m going to call Anonymous by request Ernie and his brother Bert. Mostly because I watched a bunch of hilarious clips from Sesame Street today that would definitely see them shut down by social justice warriors… which in a way tie into my thoughts here.

There was a lot of outrage when Trump won, which confused me a bit. It was interesting as the campaign went on, and even as early as two months into the primaries it was clear that while Hilary Clinton was polling ahead of Trump, it was within the margin of error. A fact largely ignored. I remember watching election night coverage with Ulfast and… there was a lot of different reactions to things. Ulfast’s response was to get super drunk. I saw a lot of professional pollsters and political analysts and bigwigs crying. As it became pretty obvious that Trump was laying the smack-down I started opening up different streaming news coverages. I had 8 different streams going and the reactions were all over the place. My favorite reaction of the night I think was Anne Coulter who just did her best to remain humble as everyone remembered that she called this thing a year and a half prior. Anne Coulter, before all the declarations were heard, but definitely after Hilary declared, was asked by Bill Maher who on the Republican side of things had the best chance to win the general election. Her response was Donald Trump and the reactions of everyone else were amazing. The audience, Bill, and the people across the table laughed in her face. You could tell that the female member of the panel was on the verge of calling her an idiot…

And so on election night Anne Coulter looked like a clairvoyant, while everyone else — most especially the left — stood in shock. And I think that’s where a lot of the putrid hate comes from. I remember post election watching YouTube videos of people assaulting Trump supporters in the street. People stood outside one of the Trump victory parties and were beating the shit out of people exiting the buildings. People were mad.

And that’s important to remember. People. Were. Mad. Actually… Scratch that; people are mad. After the election people unfriended me — a person who didn’t vote for Trump — because I wouldn’t agree that Trump supporters were giant pieces of shit. I’ve got people in my news feed who are praising groups like ANTIFA, which has as one of their goals the desire to physically assault people who are Trump supporters.

So let’s talk about the problem. Are Trump supporters stupid and should we just ignore those people?

When I found out in early 2016 when they gave Trump 19:1 odds to win the election, I placed a bet on him. But do you know when I actually knew that he was going to win? When Hilary Clinton said “Basket of Deplorables.” Interestingly enough, this is also right around the time that Hilary Clinton lost here double digit leads. 30 Million people that she had never met… and she called them Deplorable. And to be clear as to what that means “Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Islamaphobic, and ‘You Name it'” was her definition. It cost her the election. It tightened up the election right there, and she never recovered. Not that it was going well in the first place.

I mentioned before how I wasn’t really shocked at the results, but there was something shocking for me; I was watching Stephen Colbert’s election night coverage and he highlighted a really horrific study done by the pew research center. Roughly half of all Republicans and Democrats believe that the other party’s policies are so misguided they pose a threat to the nation. And about half of Democrats say they are terrified of Republicans; and vice versa. We’ve become terrified of each other. Our neighbors, our co-workers  And I include Canadians in this because we’re so embroiled in American Politics that the sensationalism and vitriol has bled over into our politics as well. There’s so much hate, and vitriol, and bitterness that we are becoming consumed by it and what is that accomplishing? Have we become less divisive by talking down to each other? Have we convinced people to be more accepting of homosexuals and transgenders by refusing to talk to people? Has anyone in the history of anything ever decided to stop doing something because somebody called them an asshole?

You want to make things better? You want people to stop throwing their support behind the giant orange cry baby racist asshole? You’re going to need people to change their minds. By not giving the opposition an alternative, by not opening up some kind of dialogue and convincing them of your side of things, you’re just asking for the same thing to repeat itself.

So in answer to the question, should we still be friends with these people or should we ignore them, it depends on your goal; Do you want to not have that in your life, and are you comfortable with the same thing repeating itself in 3 years? Or do you want to change things?

Because nobody changes their mind by being called stupid.

– Have a good’er

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