The Sunday Edition: Busy Day

Today became busy in a hurry, and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to write something for today, so while I wait for an appointment, here are some thoughts.

Hillary Clinton

For a while Hillary supporters and left wing media spent a lot of time telling us how paranoid and “right wing” we were for insisting that Hillary stole the primary. Then of course, this turned out not only to be true, but infinitely worse than previously suspected. But despite that… She STILL gets endorsements from left leaning media. Guys, piece of advice: admit you were wrong and roast her over the spit. You’ve got midterms around the corner and a shot to take back the whole thing in three years. Now is the best time to get this out of the way.

Say What You Mean

I read an article about a petition to see Kevin James replace Kevin Spacey on House of Cards. And that wasn’t even the most ridiculous part: “It should be noted that Kevin Spacey has been accused and these are allegations at this time, so though his behavior is terrible, he has not been proven to be a rapist.” Really? His actions are unproven, but he did it, but we haven’t proved it?

F$&@ off.

Say what you mean. Own your leanings and stop trying to pretend you’re balanced if you’re not.

My Dog

This is Ranger, he is my Dog. The ball of fluff I’m holding beside him used to be a rope. Like a real rope. 4 inches around. He has destroyed it. I’m going to start commemorating the various things he destroys because this isn’t the first.


Netflix is the best thing to happen to film and television. So many great stories that aren’t flashy enough to compete against the blockbusters have a home thanks to Netflix. Check out: “The Babysitter”, “1922”, “ARQ”, and “3%”.

Well that’s all from me for now.

– Have a good’er

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