The Sunday Edition: NaNoWriMo, Gun Violence, A Non-Apology

j_annoyedj_annoyed A girl I dated in high-school/college ran her own RP website. In point of fact I think that’s how I met her… Not sure. I would love to confirm this but she goes through periods of blocking me and unblocking me on Facebook which is kind of cute. I don’t think I’ve done anything to offend her, but she only ever talks to me when she asks for me to take down a poem I put up years ago. And I’d honestly love to accommodate her, but I signed up for the site using a long defunct email address I can’t access and thus I can’t delete it. I mean, it’s not bad or anything, but it’s super sappy and as she is in one shape or form pursuing creative works on-line, people discovering my sappy nonsense is probably not what she’s looking for when people google her. Regardless, she ended up putting me onto something called National Novel Writing Month or, NaNoWriMo. It’s lots of fun and I’ve entered a few times, completing it never. I would love to enter again but there’s just too much going on and I wouldn’t be able to put into it anything like what I would need to, so I decided that this week I would do a thing a day. Which brings me to Sutherland Springs Texas.

For those of your unawares, they recently went through (another) mass shooting. 26 people tragically lost their lives when a young — white — man shot up the church during Sunday service. 23 people died at the church, another 3 people died either outside or on route to the hospital while dozens more were injured. That includes kids by the way. Some of that number is a head count of children, including an unborn child.

Kids. Are. Dead.

And of course we have that lovely narrative that always accompanies these things “Well if they had a gun-” Actually, someone did. Turns out a local resident fired at the gunman with his rifle. Of course this only emboldened the gun lovers to use their favorite line “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” In fact the usual suspects are already patting themselves on the back “look what he did? He stopped that gunman.” No. He didn’t.

To be as clear as I can, all witness reports thus far say the gunman finished, and then walked out of the church, casually tossing his weapon to the ground. He killed and wounded over 50 people, then calmly strolled out of the Church. It was well after the fact that a civilian took up his own firearm and starting firing at the shooter. It’s unknown if he hit him, which is a terrifying thought itself. Police later found the gunman in another city dead in his car, unsure if he was shot and took a really long time to die, or if he killed himself (the more likely scenario).

But of course, that doesn’t matter. Since October 1st of this year there have been 40 mass shootings. 124 people have been killed, and 402 people have been wounded and at least 9% of these victims were children.

And I’m sorry if your feelings are hurt because we’re talking about this. I know how much certain Americans love to scream and cry about their 2nd Amendment rights, it’s very important to them. So I’m sorry to the snowflakes out there who just can’t handle talking about it. But I have to — WE have to. Because we still have two months to go, and as of right now Americans in 2017 have set a new record; most people killed by guns in a year… And there’s still almost 2 whole months left. In point of fact not only is the death toll set to be the highest ever, they’re on track to pace the highest number of mass shootings! So what’s it going to be? Are you guys going to run up the scoreboard on this or are you going to–

Yeah yeah, I know. Thoughts and prayers.

– God be with those families that have been affected. If you would like to help consider joining your local NRA chapter, or donate blood.

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