The Sunday Edition: Vindictiveness, Mental Health, and a Response.

j_elationj_elation I’m not normally a vindictive person. There’s this super interesting ‘quiz’ you can do on-line that talks about society and applying game theory to societal methods. You should check it out now, because I’m about to ruin the conclusion. You were warned. Twice. Basically it talks about how society could be made infinitely better through the application of “The Golden Rule”, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If someone plays fair, then play fair. If someone doesn’t, then don’t. There are a lot more complexities to it and it’s definitely worth checking out. But to bring us back to what our topic is, someone sent me a ring and run message to explain why they unfriended me. We live in a time of cowardice and I don’t sugar coat much of anything, so I wasn’t at all surprised to get one of these. What was surprising to get from this person who repeatedly expounds on their Christianity and how important grace is, was her disparaging comparison of myself to a person with Asperger’s. Now I usually am a Golden Rule type person. I don’t normally get worked up over someone not liking me and saying mean things. There are two idiots who follow me around on Facebook calling me fat. I don’t care…

But I work with kids with Asperger’s and Autism and several other mental and social diagnosis and I am nothing if not an ally to these people.

So, [REDACTED], welcome to your Sunday Edition.

Given the frequency with which you deleted posts or went scorched earth any time I disagreed with you, I am surprised that I am only the third person whom you’ve unfriended. Honestly your hysterics upon seeing I felt you were incorrect and posted sources to back my claim (always with sources) implied to me that it was a common occurrence for you to enter into a combative relationship status with people, so I have to say I’m impressed you held out this long. And, while I’m sure you’re a very charitable woman, I would like to correct something; you didn’t friend me as a means of charity due to my social problems at the insistence of a mutual friend — not at all a condescending statement — I friended you because you don’t know how the internet works and it was easier to get notifications about your writing club meetings by being friends with you on Facebook.

Of course I am thrilled to hear how often you keep around “Aspergers[sic] types”. It’s quite charitable — and again, not at all condescending — but also confusing. See [REDACTED] I work with kids with Autism and the now outmoded Asperger’s and they’re not at all confused about the reactions of others, and neither am I. See I know why people get so offended by me, and that’s because I sugar coat nothing. It’s not that I don’t know how, I can be very charming when I choose to be. But with most people and my closest friends I turn the filter off. I have no patience of false friends. Of course, I have never been offended by any “Aspergers[sic] types” because the best part about people with these diagnoses is that they are just simply honest. I don’t think you’re an “idiot right wing nut job” and have never stated as such. I don’t disagree with you because you’re “right wing”, I disagree with you when you’ve posted something factually incorrect. Again, when I disagree with anyone it’s generally because I have sources and information to the contrary. So perhaps the issue isn’t with us “Aspergers[sic] types”, but someone else? What do you think? Do you know anyone that storms off in a huff any time someone points out that they are factually and demonstrably incorrect?

I’m sorry you have cancer, and I appreciate your attempts to shower blessings upon me. It’s very kind — and not at all manipulative — but please, save your prayers for yourself, it sounds like you might need them more. As a fellow Christian I can recommend a few scriptures to pray on. Matthew 7:3 “Why look to the speck in you friend’s eye but ignore the log in your own” perhaps? Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that you be not judged.” will perhaps be useful to you.  And lastly Proverbs 15:32 “Those who disregard discipline despise themselves, but the one who heeds correction gains understanding.”

Good day, [REDACTED], I hope you don’t have too much more trouble with your Asperger’s friends and family. I’d hate for them to be burden.

– Have a Good’er

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