The Sunday Edition: Political Views, 4:20, & Hate

j_annoyedj_annoyed So we’re trying to get into the habit of having staff meetings, which is really hard when there are 6 of you and no more than 2 of you live in the same city. Also Skype is t3h cray cray. Got off track. So we had our first big staff meeting since the con and a super long hiatus and it was amazingly productive. We have a content schedule coming that we’re going to share with you soon, we added new people, we ordered equipment, we made plans… It was great. For the first time since starting this whole thing, it’s really feeling like we’re working towards a goal. It’s beautiful. We also started crafting a mission statement and we need to talk about that really quick.

The political views of Big and Tall Gaming is that the channel has no political views, and all the political views. It would honestly take us a long time to break down the political views of the channel because no two people in the channel have aligning political views. We have Feminists, we have anti-SJWs, we have Atheists, Christians, Agnostics, Spiritualists, film makers, comedians, women, men, humanists, and people who just want to be left alone. And then within those labels you have people who only agree with parts of those labels, who subscribe to multiple labels that seem contradictory; we are people, we are complex. And as a channel we have decided to do something that shouldn’t be revolutionary, but in a lot of ways is: our channel will be a host to all voices, creeds, and colors that come with an overall desire to love, not hate. So as you read today’s Sunday Edition it’s important to remember that while today I’m going to write about God and Christianity, tomorrow you could end up hearing from someone else about atheism and the futility of religion.

You’ve been warned.

It’s hard to be a Christian sometimes. Someone is going to mention white privilege but if you could save your condemnation ’till the end I’d appreciate it. It’s hard because I am often put in the position of having to justify assholes. Not the Westboro Baptist Church mind you. I think everyone understands at this point that the WBC are just the worst pieces of human trash and we don’t really have to justify them. But I’m constantly put in a position where somebody says “well if you’re Christian, you must hat gays.” And I constantly have to justify this. I have to justify being a Christian and being a decent human being. Which is both exhausting and weird. Exhausting because it happens a lot and takes hours, and weird because I really shouldn’t have to. As a Christian I cannot understand where there are so many of us who have decided “I’m going to hate people.” It’s like, isn’t that kinda the antithesis of what Jesus was going for? And the worst part isn’t the people who just decide to go toe to toe with me on the internet or even in person.

The worst part is when someone else is terrified that the Christian community is going to hate them. They’re terrified that a community that they have found solace with, that has been a place they have found warmth, and community, and safety with is going to turn on them. And this fear is 100% legitimate. I am inundated with assholes on my Facebook feed because Facebook knows exactly what makes me angry and they make sure to show it to me. And these assholes day in and day out are posting the most hateful gay bashing garbage non-stop. Unabashedly someone recently posted that children being raised by gay parents is a form of child abuse. Of course, these are the same people who think that Muslims are all hate mongers waiting for the perfect moment to kill us all. That all terrorists are Muslims and we should leave them to die in Aleppo, that every Muslim who drowns trying to flee for their lives is a victory worth celebrating.

And the biggest problem with all of these is multifaceted.

  1. They’re not going to stop. Ever. In fact, what’s likely to happen, is they’re just going to get hired by the Blaze and get paid to day in and day out justify hating people.
  2. You can’t really tell someone the assholes are in the minority, because it really doesn’t matter. All it takes is one.
  3. The reason it only takes one is part of the problem, because on the whole we as a Christian community have not done enough to curb hatred.

Now there are some of you who have gotten this far and you’re like “You mentioned 4:20?”. Well you’re going to be disappointed I’m afraid.

1 John 4:20 Whoever claims to love ehyeh (God) yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.

To my brothers and sisters who are gay, or trans-gendered, bi-sexual… I am sorry. God called us to love. The only sermon Jesus preached twice was “love each other”. But we have forgotten this. I am sorry because this is something you are going to have to deal with. There are Christians that are going to use the same scriptures they used to justify enslavement and segregation, as a means to segregate you. To hate you. I am sorry.

But I want you to know something; I do not stand with them, and I’m pretty sure neither does God. God called us above all things to love each other and that is what I want to do for you. To love you. So should you ever find yourself confronted by someone claiming they can hate you and serve God, remind them that they cannot do both and if they persist feel free to send them my way. Not a lot of people are willing to fight with a 350 lbs man that can dead lift a fridge.

– Have a good ‘er.

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