The Sunday Edition: The Corner, and Making a Thing

We made a movie.

It might have been only 5 minutes long, but guys… guys we made a thing.

I’ve talked about that on here and Ulfast and I have talked about it on the podcast, but this is a really big deal for us. And for me, I realize now, a big deal personally. We’ve talked about writing before, but what I probably haven’t mentioned is there’s over 200 stories I’ve either written to completion or at least dabbled in that I haven’t shown anyone. I’ve always been very scared to share my stuff and this goes back to a part of my childhood that I can’t really talk about. Not trying to be cryptic, but I made a promise to myself about talking about certain people and I intend to keep it. But the fact remains that in all of the hullabaloo — I’m old, get past it — I… essentially published a story for public consumption. I mean, yeah I wrote it with our newest channel member ____ and yeah it came out as a film but… I still wrote the story. It went out there for you guys to consume.

Which is so weird to me. This is a boundary that basically has never been crossed. Very few piece of my work are out there for anyone to consume except on old private blogs that basically no one other than me knew about. But without thinking about it, I put a wholly original piece of myself out there for a couple hundred people to consume. This catharsis has been… I didn’t even notice that the weight had been lifted until someone else — a friend I actually used to have a huge crush on when I was a kid and one of the very few people who has read one of my works of fiction — pointed out that I had already done it. I dunno. Maybe it was a subconscious part of me that said ‘if we don’t make him think about it, we can actually get out of this guy’s head’.

So with this realization that brought about revelation and much needed catharsis I’ve added another section of the website. It’s called “The Corner”. The Corner will house written works by members of the channel, including myself. In fact I’ve added the first piece: Horizon. So join me on this journey into outer space. Or don’t. Because I get the feeling I’m going to be introducing you guys to more than a few worlds for you to journey through as time goes on.

Thanks again guys,

-Have a Good’er

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