The Sunday Edition: the comic expo, a journey, and bronchitis

j_elationj_elation I never used to get sick very often. I mean, I told my parents I was sick every once in a while because I hated school, but the truth of the thing is I never actually got sick that often… and then 6 years ago I came down with bronchitis, and now I get it every year. It turns out when the cigarette package says second hand smoke is bad for your kids, it’s not a joke. When I finally got a family doctor she looked at my blood work and asked me if I was a smoker. I said no. She looked up at me and says “so you used to be.” Not a question mind you, like a statement. I replied no. She quietly closes the patient folder and looks at me. “I have your blood work here, your platelet count tells a different story Mr. Ball.” I then had to explain my parent’s smoking habits, at which point she explained that’s why I get chronic bronchitis. Also I need to eat a lot of tomatoes. I was due to have my bronchitis in December… but it never came. Skipped the first four months too… But after 4 days of little sleep and being in close proximity to probably 20,000 strangers… I have succumbed to my disease.

But not before having a great time at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you will have been notified that due to my illness photos and videos were delayed. But I set myself to the task of editing yesterday no matter what, and I got some images done.

I have to say they turned out not bad even after I accidentally bumped the quality down with my giant nose without realizing it :P. More images will be coming, I’ll likely dedicate a whole page to them. And please, if you are the person in any of these images, let me know! I absolutely would love to give you credit for these photos.

Anyways, my bed calls me as I have not yet managed to stop dying :P.

As always,

Have a good’er.

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