Your Hypocrisy is Showing.

j_annoyedj_annoyed I do and I don’t believe in Triggers. I believe that there are things that can happen to us that just cause a mental switch to flip and suddenly we find ourselves doing and thinking things we normally wouldn’t do or think. I myself see this every day as I work with adults and kids with developmental disabilities. Where I have trouble accepting it is when people say “Well I can’t control what my triggers cause me to do” but that’s probably a whole other Sunday Edition I could write. What I want to talk about today, if you’ll forgive my very Simpsons style of getting to the point, is one of my Triggers. Hypocrisy.

In case you missed it somehow, Donald Trump was officially sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. And let me tell you, this has upset a lot of people. There was an estimated 250,000 people at the inauguration ceremony — sorry Mr. President, the media isn’t picking on you, they give tickets at these things for a reason — and a huge swath of  the inauguration attendees were protesters. So now we have to add another group of people who are upset, and that’s people who think we need to stop protesting. “He’s President now, we need to stop it. You didn’t see our side — which is a strange thing given that most people I know are Canadian and I’d think ‘their side’ would be Canada. But I digress — protesting Obama after he won.” And now we add another group filled with people like me…

People sick of your Hypocritical Bullshit.

The people who are posting meme after meme about how we should support Trump, pray for him, give him a shot — whatever — are the exact same people who have been riding Obama the entire time. People who post any sort of negative thing about Obama, regardless of the veracity of the claim.

I had someone tell me the other day that they “–would’ve voted for Trump as the less offensive one and one who selected a pretty decent cabinet.” Actual quote from an actual person.

Really? “less offensive”? Maybe there’s leeway in the cabinet. He’s picked people who have a political agenda — anti public school, anti poor, anti climate change — so… I guess I could see how you could call that “a pretty decent cabinet” based on your particular lens. Though how you give the thumbs up to people who deny science is another conversation for another Sunday Edition.. but “less offensive?” Sure, Hillary had her moments but did she have anything even remotely close to “grab her by the pussy”?

Look, I’ve been one of the first people I know to say you can’t judge all of Trump’s supporters just because the KKK supports him. You also can’t say because someone voted for Trump they’re misogynistic tyrants with racist tendencies. Some people voted for Trump because they were worried about insurance premiums. Some people voted for Trump because he essentially blackmailed Ford into not moving it’s factory to Mexico. These are strong positions for people who voted Trump to take. There’s solid ground there. But “less offensive”?

And I know it seems like I’m picking on the left here, and in a way I am. While the right has supplied fodder for this conversation, the left is supplying the fodder in bulk. And maybe that’s part of the problem. Maybe what we’re seeing now an escalation in Hypocrisy. The left starts yelling about how anyone who supported Trump is a misogynist rapist prompting more hypocrisy.

But here’s the thing guys. Factual information is the best ground to stand on, not amped-up rhetoric. Someone calls you a racist because you voted for Trump? Ask them if they’re rape apologists because they voted for Hillary. Because Hillary very famously spent a lot of time attacking and degrading women who spoke up about Bill’s penchant for certain extracurricular activities.

I like to end these things with a deep thought or some palpable advice. But I’m having trouble digging in deep right now, and I don’t have any advice that isn’t obtuse; your hypocrisy is showing, stop it. Of course that won’t work. I’m not stupid.

Hypocrisy and the speed in which it and false information spreads is how we got here, and if we can’t be decent to a neighbor who disagrees with us because that makes them the enemy… how are we going to stop it?

Have a good’er.

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