The Sunday Edition: Happy Birthday Big and Tall Gaming

j_elationj_elationA big part of writing is the introduction. This might seem obvious but it’s fairly surprising how many authors goof this up. I think Stephen King in The Gunslinger did it best; “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” This is the ultimate introduction of not just the character, but the whole series. The why of the thing doesn’t matter to the Gunslinger, it’s the chase. It’s the goal. Throughout the whole series it’s never really discussed why the Gunslinger seeks the dark tower, and even when it is it’s just glazed over, like the why of him chasing the man in black. It’s a beautiful sentence that defines the character and the series…

…And our first sentence was a jumbled paragraph about how I like to write because I’m a semi-crazy person. Apparently I have a long way to go in the writing department.

But it’s never too late to get off on the right foot so let’s try this again.

Hi, I’m Justin screen handle OSTBear, and welcome to Big and Tall Gaming.

I started this channel almost a year ago to the day with my buddy Kelson screen handle BigGunNumberOne, who had been pestering me for a year before that about starting a Let’s Play channel. Finally after moving and being jobless for a period of time, I broke down and started the channel. Our very first game was “Secrets of Grindea”… and the quality on that recording was GARBAGE. We had crappy lav microphones plugged into a splitter with audio blaring out the TV screen which just created the most terrible sound ever. Couple this with hours of footage of us just staring at the screens and it’s safe to say that while we were very proud to have a channel…

This would be followed by the game that would change the face of our group, Eon Altar. Here we are joined by Wade, screen handle exonerated1 or 13 or whatever ‘cause he changed the number a lot, and Aaron, another screen handle changer settling on Ulfast. We would find a comedic flow almost instantly, shocking as Wade didn’t really know Kelson and Aaron was a complete stranger to both Kelson and I. But despite questionable audio quality, this would end up being one of the best things we’d do together for the year and as time flew while playing we knew we had to make these two a part of the team.

And then we played Ultimate Chicken Horse. A recording that had us in tears almost from the get go as we just found ways to punish each other in hilarious slapstick action… which is also the same recording that was completely lost due to technical problems. But that’s all in the learning right? Sadly the channel saw the departure of Wade who decided to pursue other creative projects later on in the year, but with that Aaron and I started a podcast, and one of my oldest friends Sarah, screen handle shrimptoast, would join the channel. Of course her joining of the channel came at a tumultuous time in her life as she was moving from a city populated by 40,000 to a metropolis populated by over a million so she hasn’t been able to produce anything with us as of yet. But this is a very exciting and positive changer for her so we eagerly await some of her first content.

We added a Facebook page, a twitter account, got a professional cartoonist to draw some awesome caricatures of us, and we got a bunch of people together for my birthday and filmed it.

I talked about this on our last podcast, but I’ll reiterate it here: I’m really perfectly OK with the mistakes we’ve made, and I am weirdly looking forward to the mistakes we’ll make in the future… Because I have really enjoyed learning about this stuff. Learning about what’s fun in a podcast. Learning about how to make entertaining videos. Learning about Facebook and how it loves twitter but hates YouTube and how YouTube loves twitter but hates Facebook…

And how much fun it is to do something with friends.

So here it is. 1 Year. Happy Birthday to us.

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