Sunday Edition: Cynicism and Christmas

j_elationj_elation I’m writing this from my wife’s grandmother’s couch on Christmas morning. As I write this the trending news item on my flipboard app is a little girl who died on a flight to London from Toronto, a guy I’ve never met is trying to start a twitter war with me over Rebel Media (one of their reporters has yet again lost a libel case), and Putin is ordering a full investigation into the crash of a passenger jet.

We live in an age of cynicism and uncertainty, perhaps deservedly so. It seems every day we discover another cover up; Snowden, DNC email hack, the Clinton speeches to Wall Street, the semi-racist voter fraud system in Michigan…

But we do this all year round. And while we do this all year round it infects us, because that’s how the brain works. The more you do or think a thing the more that becomes the standard way you think about or do a thing. It’s why grouchy people always seem grouchy, and why sometimes when you drive home you don’t actually remember driving home. Doing this all year round is affecting us, of this there is no denial.

So here, today perhaps we can agree to something. Let’s all agree to leave the cynicism behind. I promise; in the coming months there will be plenty for you to be upset over. I personally guarantee it.

So whether you celebrate Christmas or not… why don’t we let it rest, just for one day?

Merry Christmas, from my family to yours.

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