Podcast Episode 5: I’m OK… I’m OK… I’m – Oh Hey Look a Chair!

Listen carefully as we discuss Birthdays, Lara Croft, and how to get into gaming at a reasonable price… also things get pretty serious during AA.

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One thought on “Podcast Episode 5: I’m OK… I’m OK… I’m – Oh Hey Look a Chair!

  • October 26, 2016 at 11:50 am

    My first gaming memory is that I got an original Nintendo and fell in love with Duck Hunt, and didn’t mind Mario. When computers were personal, I was playing a lot of text adventures, and honestly, I play 2-3 a year even now when I think about it, it’s probably what I’ve played most. Flash forward to University playing Super Smash on N64 years after it was big with my friends. Then there was Minecraft, and a handful of short-lived app games, and now there’s PokemonGo. I’ve never really thought of myself as a gamer, and my love affairs are typically brief and intense.

    Great moments from this podcast:
    “Ask them to stop tapping the table?”
    “A keg of root beer!?”
    “You escalate this thing, so big, so large, that they have no choice but to run and cower in fear.”
    “Swim laps until I’m almost dead.”
    “Betrayal at its core is the destruction of trust in a relationship.”

    Great conversation!


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